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Radio Theater – Reason Magazine

via Radio Theater – Reason Magazine.

Get ready to suspend your disbelief. One of the most resilient acts in theatrical history is returning to the D.C. stage: the We’re Going To Defund Public Broadcasting show.


The Million Dollar Question: Why Does the Web Love Cats?



The Million Dollar Question: Why Does the Web Love Cats?.

Cats rule, and dogs drool?

Only slightly serious take on the cat phenomenon.


Choose Opera – Come and play with Opera extensions

Choose Opera – Come and play with Opera extensions.

YIKES!  I come out with my very first ever browser endorsement, and they come out with a new Alpha.  I will have to try it, of course, but let the user beware.  This is an Alpha.  I would only guarantee that your computer won’t explode upon install, but beyond that, anything can happen.


Opera web browser | Faster & safer | Download the latest Internet browser free

Opera web browser | Faster & safer | Download the latest Internet browser free.

This is the first time I will be recommending a browser.  While I have been following the browser wars for quite some time I have always found a reason for disappointment with whichever one I was experimenting with.

While I have had high hopes for Opera for quite some time (I loved its features), this is the first time I can say with confidence that not only is it the fastest, but is the most feature rich, and stable (very important to me) of any browser on the market.

I have now been using it pretty much continuously for the last couple of months, and the last couple of bugs it did have now seem to be a thing of the past.

For me the nail in IE’s coffin was an attempt to bring up windows live essentials to edit this blog yesterday.  It promptly began trying to screw things up, was sluggish as hell, and had extreme difficulty when trying to login to the admin screen.

If you want a rock solid, fast, and intuitive browser then you no longer have any good alternative.

As an old geezer I no longer have the patience I once did to tinker with settings til I can no longer see straight, and my fingers bleed.  I just want something that works reliably.

As a self-proclaimed “old geek” this product is now worthy of my highest praise, and I can now recommend it with no reservations.

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