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O’Donnell Denies Inappropriate Use of Campaign Funds –




O’Donnell Denies Inappropriate Use of Campaign Funds –

I would disagree with Ms. O’Donnell on one thing.  SHE is the target.  While the Tea Party may be involved in a minor way they are of little interest in this case.  I would submit that the powers that be are extremely worried that she will run again.

There are 3 points that need to be made:

1.  As opposed to this last campaign she now has name recognition.  As any politician will readily admit this is a huge factor.

2.  Her dirty laundry (witchcraft, etc) has already been aired.  It can now be easily dismissed as old news.

3.  She has a thick skin (politically speaking).  During this last campaign she endured at least as much (and maybe more) in the way of attacks as any candidate in any race, and went the distance.

Some smart political operative needs to get behind her (maybe polish her act a bit), and run with her for something.  She will win her next contest, and likely by a landslide.

YouTube – Most Productive

Can you say broken record?

Lawyers for Joe Miller appear before the Alaska State Supreme Court

Note:  At least with my player the audio gets much weaker about 1 min into the video.  Expect to adjust your volume accordingly.

I really like the argument Joe Miller’s attorney is making. If the Alaska Supreme Court upholds it’s own precedent it will toss out those 8000 votes given to Murkowski almost immediately. That would bring her margin down to about 2000 votes. Any one of the remaining 3, or 4 substantive issues could yield more than enough votes to wipe out that remaining lead. Its ALL hinges on those 8000 I think. If the court holds for Miller on the 8000 expect Murkowski to start screaming as her fellow rats begin to jump ship.

The United States Supreme court does have a dog in this fight, but only after all options in the Alaska court system have been exhausted. If the Alaska Supreme Court should rule against Miller then expect some very tortured logic.

I sincerely applaud Joe Miller for his efforts. My guess is that he would win if this goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the allies of Murkowski will do everything in their power to keep this from getting there.

This is no longer about the candidates. It is about the integrity (or lack of) of the process, and the law. Are we a nation of laws (a republic), or a democracy?

All good conservatives should be championing Joe Miller’s cause with every fiber of their being. Not because of Joe Miller, but because of our core beliefs.

The absolute irony of all of this is not lost on me either. In establishing the “bright line” standard for elections the obvious intent here by the legislature was to benefit the incumbent over any potential write-in candidate. Under the circumstances it is the incumbent’s proverbial ox that is getting gored by this law. This definitely falls under the heading of UN-intended consequences. I would be comical if it were not so serious.

Hillsdale College – Imprimis

Hillsdale College – Imprimis.

TODAY IS THE 223RD anniversary of the submission of the Constitution of the United States for ratification. It is the greatest governing document in human history. And on this day we dedicate our Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship near Capitol Hill here in Washington. Let me explain briefly why we are launching this center. The reason has to do with the times in which we live, and it has to do with the purposes of Hillsdale College.

My wife grabbed this months Imprimis almost as soon as it hit the mailbox. Right after reading she brought it to me, and indicated this one was a “must read”. I totally agree. It is indeed.

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