O’Donnell Denies Inappropriate Use of Campaign Funds – FoxNews.com.

I would disagree with Ms. O’Donnell on one thing.  SHE is the target.  While the Tea Party may be involved in a minor way they are of little interest in this case.  I would submit that the powers that be are extremely worried that she will run again.

There are 3 points that need to be made:

1.  As opposed to this last campaign she now has name recognition.  As any politician will readily admit this is a huge factor.

2.  Her dirty laundry (witchcraft, etc) has already been aired.  It can now be easily dismissed as old news.

3.  She has a thick skin (politically speaking).  During this last campaign she endured at least as much (and maybe more) in the way of attacks as any candidate in any race, and went the distance.

Some smart political operative needs to get behind her (maybe polish her act a bit), and run with her for something.  She will win her next contest, and likely by a landslide.