I am a conservative. While I don’t think it needs further embellishment some insist that I qualify it further. In such cases I state simply that I am an UN-apologetic, UN-hyphenated conservative.

I have taken to calling myself rude, crude, and socially unacceptable at times, which is probably more true than I would like to admit.

I am like the Davy Crockett character played by John Wayne in the Alamo. I am still enthralled by the word “Republic”. Even Madison was not sure if a Republic could work. His hope was that with enough safeguards in place that it might stand a chance.

We are headed for either a precipice, or a wall depending on which analogy you choose. Democrats run headlong towards it, and we slow down a bit when Republicans are in charge.

Most Americans with a lick of sense understand that neither will work anymore. We must turn this around, and in a hurry.

I may well be one of the great unwashed with little understanding of how things really work in Washington, but I do understand one simple fact. Whatever we have been doing has NOT been working.

It is time to try something new. How about some real change for a change? As I am fond of telling my Democratic friends “You go clean up your mess, and I will work on cleaning up mine”.

As Americans we should revel in a good fight(maybe take side bets?). My first suggestion would be to open up the next Republican Convention, and have a real knock down drag out floor extravaganza. No more of this sanitized made for TV sleeping aid called a convention. It would be unruly, maybe even ugly at times, but it would certainly qualify as “must see” TV. Just imagine how spectacular the ratings would be.