While I appreciate all the “committing to vote” efforts I must relate a small, but important story.  Many years, and a lot more hair ago I once approached my Father-In-Law (whom I happen to respect a lot), and told him how diligent I, and my family were about voting.  I went to great lengths to explain this as I was of course trying to pat myself on the back.  To this he very courteously replied: Congratulations!  You have now done the absolute minimum you can do.

With my stature thus reduced to about an inch tall I proceeded to slink out of the room like the vermin I felt like.  It was only later that I learned the stories of he, and his wife canvassing neighborhoods, knocking on doors, handing out fliers, etc.  All while trading off the chore of pushing the baby carriage.  My wife is one of 9 children.

I would never discourage get out the vote efforts, but would merely say Congratulations!  You should indeed wear that “I Voted” sticker with pride.  Just be careful who you choose to brag about it to.