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October 2010

Stop the Democrats

Lake County is a great place to live and raise a family. The County is governed by a twenty three member County Board, which has been led by a Republican majority. Republican leadership has served the residents of Lake County well, even through the current economic crisis, and has managed to balance the Lake County budget without a single tax increase. The Republicans have made difficult choices in cutting spending, and the resulting fiscal responsibility has benefited all Lake County residents in the form of no new taxes.

via Stop the Democrats.


Just funny

Someone posted the following to a group I follow regarding the recent Charlie Sheen debacle:

In the words of the great philosopher Dana Gould ” You come into this life naked, hanging upside down, being spanked by someone with a mask and there you are, screaming and covered with blood. And if you live your life right, the fun doesn’t have to end there”

Victor Davis Hanson

Juan Williams was just fired from NPR. His sin? He confessed to occasional anxiety when Muslims board airplanes, and then went on to explain why stereotyping is wrong.

via Victor Davis Hanson.

Reliving Failure | FrontPage Magazine



Songs that are “golden oldies” have much less pleasant counterparts in politics— namely, ideas and policies that have failed disastrously in the past but still keep coming back to be advocated and imposed by government. Some people may think these ideas are as good as gold, but brass has often been mistaken for gold by people who don’t look closely enough.

via Reliving Failure | FrontPage Magazine.

Swing Voters

There is an aspect to this election that I believe might be going unnoticed by some of our Republican elected officials, and they need to be made to see this.  All too often republicans waffle over one issue, or another because they are afraid they might somehow alienate the “independent” voters.  Maybe an idea seems just too conservative, or too far right to them.

I would like to point out that of all the poll numbers I see the numbers for independents are incredibly lopsided in favor of voting republican this cycle.  And this is at a time when the republican party is being forced to move farther, and faster to the right than they have been in a long time.

As a purely political matter they need to be made to see that contrary to what they might have been thinking the republican party is gaining a rather large share of those independent voters they crave.  And it is the resurgent conservatism of the party that is doing this for them.




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